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HOSHII Creative Lasercutting

Graphic Design

You can count on HOSHII for little luxuries like a personalized cake topper. You see things big? We love full scope projects too.

Tell us your story and we’ll be happy to present you our ideas for lasercut & engraved details. Custom made, just for you. From design to production, we do it all in our studio.

We also love to work for and with your business. We have a steady relationship with renowned wedding & event planners, photographers, jewellery designers, and other creative professionals.

Wood is totally our cup of tea, it’s the material that we use most. But we also work with acrylic, stoneware, marble etc. A lasercutter can handle many different materials, so feel free to hit us with your craziest ideas.

Details are our religion, they are key to the high quality of our work.

To make sure all details are just right for your story, we exclusively supply custom made products.

Sint-Martinusstraat 52 2260 Westerlo
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Graphic Design

After looking at the invitation, guests can already catch a glimpse of what the wedding day will look like. Whether someone wants to follow the latest trends or think out-of-the-box, these graphic designers create a look that suits your clients perfectly. They also professionally make sure that the graphic work goes together as a whole.